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Upcoming Conferences

As every year, we will be present at a few select conferences. More in this space in a few days.


SvoBaTech Inc. was founded by Thomas Bauer and Matthias Svoboda to create an independent and highly competent service provider for OEMs and utilities.

Our owner-operated company combines the experience from a span of 44 years and involvement in more than 150 chemical cleanings on stator cooling water systems.


SvoBaTech AG
Stumpenweg 54
5303 Wuerenlingen

p +41 56 535 2360
VAT #: CHE-197.530.561 MWST
SwissTS ISO9001 CM bold
9017-biomed scientists

Welcome to SvoBaTech, Inc.

Specialized in stator cooling water chemistry, hollow conductor plugging and chemical cleaning - We help keeping your plant productive.
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